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5/30/2012Somatic Mosaic Activating Mutations In PIK3CA Cause CLOVES Syndrome
5/24/2012Phenotypic Progression Of Skeletal Anomalies In CLOVES Syndrome
1/1/2011WT1-Related Wilms Tumor (WT) Syndromes | The Children's Hospital Of Phildadelphia
8/1/2011What Is A Gene Mutation And How Do Mutations Occur?
3/1/2011Sirolimus For The Treatment Of Complicated Vascular Anomalies In Children
2/1/2011Complex Spinal And Paraspinalfast Flow Lesions - In CLOVES Syndrome
11/1/2010Webcast From Brussels ( International Society For The Study Of Vascular Anomalies) About CLOVES
11/1/2010Perinatal Clinical And Imaging Features Of CLOVES Syndrome
10/1/2010An Early Description Of CLOVES
8/1/2010CLOVES and phlebectasia - increased risk of pulmonary embolism
4/1/2010Extracranial arteriovenous malformations: natural progression and recurrence after treatment
12/1/2009CLOVES Syndrome 12-12-2009 Described By Dr Alomari
10/1/2009Clinical Trial Assessing Efficacy and Safety of the mTOR Inhibitor Sirolimus in the Treatment of Complicated Vascular Anomalies - Completion date 2013
4/1/2009Pharmacological treatment of a diffuse arteriovenous malformation of the upper extremity in a child
1/1/2009CLOVES Syndrome - Clinical Dysmorphology -18 Cases
10/1/2008CLOVES Syndrome-Expanding The Acronym
10/1/2008CLOVES Syndrome - CNS Malformations and Seizures
6/1/2008Percutaneous sclerotherapy of lymphatic malformations with doxycycline.
4/1/2007The spectrum of vascular anomalies in patients with PTEN mutations: implications for diagnosis and management.

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